Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

It's time for Carter Kane and his Dad (a scientist / archaeologist / host of the god Osiris) to visit Carter's sister, Sadie Kane in London where she lives with her grandparents. Together the Kane family visits a Museum. Their Dad tells them to leave the room. Being Sadie and not liking to listen to rules, she takes Carter and they go and spy on their Dad. What they see is very surprising. They see their dad taking the Rosetta Stone and saying spells that release Egyptian Gods and break the stone. Dr. Kane is then put into a golden box and taken away by the God, "Set".

Amos, Sadie and Carter's uncle, take Sadie and Carter back to his house where he explains why all this strange stuff is happening; the Rosetta Stone, the Gods, and why they can do magic. The truth is Carter and Sadie Kane are magicians and are hosting Egyptian Gods (I'll get to that later).

Soon after the kids arrive at Amos's house, Amos has to leave. After he leaves the house, the house is attacked by monsters and minions of Set. Bast (A.K.A Muffin, Sadie's cat), who turns out to be the Cat goddess, comes to the rescue and saves Sadie and Carter.

Bast takes Carter and Sadie to the House of Life. There the kids are introduced Zia, who tries to teach them different types of magic and how magic is used. They also find out that Sadie is hosting the God Isis and Carter is hosting the God Horus.

Sadie and Carter set out on a journey to Destroy Set and save their father before the Demon Days. Along the way, Sadie and Carter run into a lot of trouble with other gods, monsters. They also learn to use their magic and communicate and work with the Gods inside them.

One night during the long journey Carter's Ba (mind, soul) has a vision of Set building a red pyramid to help him gain his powers. Carter and Sadie know where they ha ve to go.

Do Sadie and Carter rescue their dad? What happens to Isis, Horus and Osiris at the end? Do the kids defeat Set before the Demon days? Do they defeat him on their own? What happens to Zia? Read this action pact book to find out.

I liked this book a lot because it was full of action, magic and mystery. I think anyone in 4th grade and up should read it.

Well I got to go and read new books I just got,


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Look who I met at BEA!!!

I went to BEA a little while ago. There I met a lot of publishers and authors. One of the authors I met was Rick Riordan. He wrote the Percy Jackson series. He just came out with a new book called "The Red Pyramid". Guess what... Rick Riordan signed it for me. I also got to take a picture with him. (as you can see above). It was so COOL. Check back in a little while to see my review of his newest book "The Red Pyramid".

I also got a preview of his newest book "The Lost Hero" which won't be out until after the summer. So check back to see a review later.