Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Candy Shop War by Brandon Mull

Nate has just moved into town. He soon becomes friends with Pigeon, Trevor and Summer. The four children find themselves working for Mrs. White, a candy maker who makes special and magical candy. The children are sent out on missions to retrieve special and secretive items for Mrs. White. As rewards, Pigeon, Nate, Summer and Trevor are given new, secret, magical candy to test out and keep. The four children soon learn that Mrs. White and Mr. Scott, the ice cream man, are magicians. Mrs. White sends the children on crazy missions so she can get rid of Mr. Scott. But why? It turns out that Mrs. White is seeking a special treasure, and Mr. Scott is trying to to protect it. Mrs. White wants the four children to brainwash Mr. Scott. Summer and Pigeon refuse, so they are immediately excluded from getting the magical candy, going on missions and working for Mrs. White. Nate and Trevor agreed to brainwash Mr. Scott. However, they do their best to avoid actually doing it. After Nate, Pigeon, Trevor and Summer betray Mrs. White, the four children do whatever it takes to help Mr. Scott to protect the treasure.
Who end up with the treasure? What happens to everyone in the end? Does Mrs. White end up with the treasure?
I really enjoyed reading this book. I thought it had a great story, and a bunch of twists that kept you really interested in reading the book. I recommend this book to fifth graders and up.

I have to go read some more,