Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Time Travelers by Caroline B. Cooney

Annie Lockwood, a fifteen-year- old girl is stuck in a romance problem. She is having problems with her boyfriend, in 1995. After falling 100 years back through time, Annie finds herself falling for Strat, a handsome young man. Now Annie has a problem. Should she forget about Strat and stay with her boyfriend who she is having problems with in 1995 or remain in 1885 with Strat whom she has just met but fallen helplessly in love with?

Of course, disappearing 100 years into the past can cause a lot of problems. Not only, does this affect Annie's relationship in her own time, but she manages to ruin a marriage in 1895 as well.

Annie learns how hard living in 1895 is. Even so, she wants to stay there and be with Strat. She realizes love can't stop her, but time can. Will time let Annie stay in 1895?

Read The Time Travelers to find out which path Annie Lockwood chooses.

I would recommend this book to a 13 year old girl and older who like romantic love stories. The book had great details and was very well written. I enjoyed reading this book.

Well, I must go read some more,