Saturday, February 19, 2011

Keep the Lights Burning Abbie by Peter and Connie Roop

Abbie lives in a house near the ocean. Her family is in charge of a lighthouse. Abbie is very brave. Abbie's father goes to another island. Abbie is worried that her father won't come back that day because a storm is coming. Abbie has to keep the lighthouse on while her father is away because her sisters are too young and her mom is sick. Will Abbie be able to keep the lighthouse on? Will everybody make it through the storm? Read Keep the Lights Burning Abbie to find out.

If you like non-fiction stories that have action in it then you would like this book.

This book was reviewed by Catalina Q. in Mrs. Silver's 2nd grade class.

Thanks to Catalina for reading and reviewing this book

The Little League Team From the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler

Hubie would like to sign up to play baseball for the year. Hubie went to bed and started dreaming. when he woke up Hubie was ready to play baseball. Hubie practiced batting with a broom against the wall every single day. Hubie needed a new mitt in the story. Hubie begged and Hubie's mom said "Okay." Hubie went to Sports World. Hubie finds a mitt thatis perfect. Hubie goes back to his house. Hubie gets his pajamas on and puts the mitt on the dresser and starts dreaming. After Hubie wakes up from his dream he looks to see if the mitt is still there. Hubie has named the mitt Grabber.

Does Hubie get to play baseball? Does he make the team? Read Little League From the Black Lagoon to find out.

This book was reviewed by Ava M- Mrs. Silver's 2nd grade class


Monday, February 14, 2011

Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish

Amelia Bedeila is the main character in this story. Amelia Bedelia is a nice helper. Amelia Bedelia loves doing jobs. Mrs. Rogers made a list of jobs for her to do. Amelia Bedelia did all of the things on the list, but it doesn't come out the way Mrs. Rogers wants them to.

Amelia Bedelia said I'll make a surprise for them. If you want to find out what surprise Amelia Bedeila makes.... read the book Amelia Bedelia.

This book is kind of mysterious. I think if you are in 1st grade to 3rd grade you will like this book.

Reviewed by Cate O - Mrs. Silver's 2nd grade class

I would like to thank Cate for reviewing Amelia Bedeila.