Thursday, January 6, 2011

Behind the Bedroom Wall by Laura E. Williams

Korinna, Eva and Rita are German lovers, Jew haters and Adolf Hitler followers. It is their job to turn Jew-lovers and unloyal Germans into the police. Korinna believes EVERYTHING Hitler says and does. One night Korinna hears scratching behind her wall. She walks over and moves her wardrobe. To her surprise, she sees a Jewish mom and daughter hiding in a small hole in HER wall. Her parents explain to her how their house is part of an escape route for Jews. Karinna is upset and shocked.

Korinna couldn't understand why her mom was being so nice to the Jews. After a while Korinna takes a liking to Rachel and Sophie, the daughter and mom behind the wall. Rita, one of Korinna's best friends, thinks Korinna is hiding something. Of course she is.
German soldiers are constantly keeping an eye on Korinna's house. Always searching the place.
Do Sophie and Rachel escape to freedom? Does anyone find out about Korinna's secret? Does Korinna finally learn the importance of freedom and love? Read Behind the Bedroom Wall to find out.

I really enjoyed Behind the Bedroom Wall. At times, I did find it scary. Since the book was based on the Holocaust, the thought of the events really happening was a big awakening.
I would recommend this book to any seventh grader or older who is interested in the Holocaust. I would not suggest children under the age of eleven to read the book.

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Thank you to all of the Publishers who helped!

I was recently involved in a project with Emily Wilensky in which I collected over 650 books for the Interfaith Nutrition Network to give away as holiday presents. I couldn't have accomplished this without the help of many, many people. In alphabetical order I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Kate Lied from Bloomsbury, Paul Samuelson from Sourcebooks, and Amanda Vega from Scholastic Books for their generous contributions. I also want to thank my good friend Carol Prisamt for her efforts along with the students of Solomon Schechter Day School of Nassau County and Temple Beth Sholom of Roslyn. I appreciate all of your help.

Like Joseph made sure everyone, rich or poor was able to have enough food during the time of the famine in Egypt, I am doing my best to make sure children, big or small, have the chance to read just like me.

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