Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Book Seat

The Book Seat is this really cool beanbag pillow that has a plastic band at the bottom so your arms don't hurt when you read. I think it is great! I have been using it since Book Expo America (BEA). It holds thin books, text books and anything in between. It is very comfortable and doesn't hurt no matter how heavy the book is. Anyone who loves to read but is tired of their arms hurting should get this pillow. It comes in many different colors: blue, purple, red, brown and more. I love it. You can learn more about these really cool and comfortable pillows at

Well, I'm going to go and use the book chair to go read more books,

Saturday, May 29, 2010

All The People I Met At BEA

I spent two days roaming the Javitz Center in search of new books and to meet new people, authors and publishers. Some of the really cool people I met include: Angela Johnson from Ripley's, their newest book "Enter If You Dare" is coming soon (hoping to get a sneak peak); Marina Shults has "The Red Pyramid" written by Rick Riordan which just came out; Deb Shapiro the Director of Publicity of Bloomsbury and Walker Books was really great, she gave me a lot of books to read and review (check back soon for the reviews); Megan Marie Fitzpatrick of Hachette Book Group gave me an audio book of "Witches and Wizards" which I can't wait to listen to; Paul Samuelson, a Sourcebooks publicists gave me great blogging advice and offered to send me books to review; Erin Dempsey from Penguin Young Readers Group was really great and spent time talking to me about different books; Samantha Grefe' from Scholastic gave me a copy of the book "Plain Kate", I am so excited to read it; Mark Forti and Camille Miller who published "Slightly Above Time", I cannot wait to read it!; Tina Proctor spent a lot of time talking to me about "Ophelia's Oracle"; Sarah Wilcox from Guinness World Records was there with "The World's Most Tattooed Lady". The 2011 book comes out in July; Jessica Kaufman from Little Brown showed me the cover of "It's Not What It Looks Like" sequel to "The Name of the Book is Secret"; met Alexa Peter's dad, she illustrated and wrote (with her mom) "Cooper and Me" (going to try and connect with her when school ends); stood in line with Lyra Rose, she has her own blog which you can read at, she gave me advice on different books and suggested I read them; and Charles Nurnberg, he is the President and Publisher of Imagine Publishing. His newest book is "The Night Before Christmas" which has a CD of music performed by Peter, Paul & Mary. At the end of BEA, Peter Yarrow and Noel Paul Stookey read the book aloud and sang a whole bunch of songs. It was so COOL, I got to sing with them in front of a whole bunch of people. They even signed a CD for me. Check out the pictures above.
It was unbelievable to meet these people and get their books.
Come back to check out the reviews of their books.
Keep Reading,

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Wide Awake Princess by E.D. Baker

This book is about a girl named Annie, who is a princess with absolutely NO magical gift. Surprisingly, magic doesn't affect her, either good or bad. Annie's sister Gwendolyn is the prettiest princess in all of the kingdoms. A wicked witch cursed Gwendolyn so that if she was ever pricked by a spindle she would sleep for 100 years. On Gwendolyn's sixteenth birthday she was pricked and everyone in the kingdom, (except for Annie) fell asleep. It was up to Annie to find Gwendolyn's true love to kiss her which would wake her up. At first, Annie traveled alone in the forest, but was then joined by Liam, a guard from the castle who was not at the Castle when the curse happened. Annie and Liam get into all sorts of trouble. Along the way they pick up princes who they think could possibly be Gwendolyn's true love. Annie learns many secrets Liam is hiding. Were they secrets that were better kept quiet? Who is Gwendolyn's true love? What happens to Liam and Annie? Do they fall in love or is it Liam's kiss that wakes Gwendolyn?

I recommend this book to third graders. I think they would like this fairy tale with a twist.

Well, I have got to go and read,


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baking with Friends by Sharon Davis and Charlene Patton

This cook book is very unique. I like the way the illustrator, Collen Mcintyre, illustrated all of the pictures with different animals and colors. My favorite pictures and animals were the pink flamingos and the green turtle. I thought they were well drawn and had such cool colors. This book contains fun facts, tips and words to help children learn to cook. Baking with Friends comes with a DVD read aloud by my friend Pam Atherton. Since I am a lover of chocolate my favorite recipes were "Hot Fudge Pudding Cake" and "Fudge Brownies". One thing I loved more than baking these delicious chocolate treats, I loved eating them so much more. This is a great book for any aged child to learn how to bake. Once you have baked something, make sure you fill out the really pretty certificate in the back of the book. Make sure to read some of the really cool quotes written by different people on the back of the book. (They are really interesting too!).

Well I am going to go and bake something else,


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Silent to the Bone by E.L. Konigsburg

This book is about a boy named Branwell. After something happens on Columbus Day Branwell cannot speak. On Columbus Day Branwell's baby half sister Nikki, went into a coma. Branwell is taken to Clarion County Behavioral Center where he sits for 27 days of silence. Connor, Branwell's best friend is the only one who can get Branwell to talk. With the help of his sister Margaret, Connor is able to find out why Branwell's not talking. Branwell and Connor find a way to communicate. Through this communication, Connor speaks to people who Branwell suggests to help Branwell to talk. Can Connor get the true story before Branwell is convicted of manslaughter? If Branwell says he didn't hurt Nikki who really did? Was it Vivian, Branwell's babysitter and crush? Or Morris who worked at JJ's Pizzeria? Could it really be Branwell? You'll have to read this exciting mystery that may silence you to the bone. This book is good for 7th or 8th graders. It may be good for 6th graders who can handle such a tough subject. I recommend this book to any 7th or 8th grader or adults who like a sad but mysterious book.

Well I have to go read another book,