Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nothing but the Truth by Avi

Ever thought about how a lie could affect your life? How it might change someone else's life? Phillip Malloy learns about lying the hard way. When his English teacher, Mrs. Narwin gives him a bad grade, Phillip makes Mrs. Narwin's life very difficult. He disrespectfully sings the National Anthem, when the students have to be silent, causing him to be suspended from school. 

Phillip's suspension becomes a nationwide issue. Many people are very angry that Phillip gets into trouble for being patriotic. They write letters to Mrs. Narwin as well as to the school. After feeling the pressure of  receiving so many letters, Mrs. Narwin decides to resign. 

Phillip's intention is simply to annoy his teacher, however his behavior results in ruining Mrs. Narwin's reputation as well as his own. 

What happens to Phillip after his suspension? Read Nothing but the Truth to find out.

Nothing but the Truth  teaches us that lying can be very destructive.  Even though Phillip found himself in a difficult situation-his teacher that was failing him- Phillip could have dealt with the situation in a different manor.

This was not one of my favorite books. In my opinion, it begins with a great idea. However, as the story progresses it becomes somewhat confusing  because there is not enough detail to explain the story. For this reason I do not feel that the  plot is fully developed and left me feeling unsatisfied. 

Despite my feelings about this novel, I am sure that there are many children in middle school who would find it to be an easy read with an important lesson. Although I read this book as a mandatory ninth grade assignment, in my opinion it is better suited for slightly younger readers. 

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kiss and Make Up by Katie D. Anderson

Wouldn't be cool to be able to read someone's mind just by kissing them? Who wouldn't want to gain all the information they need for a test just from one simple kiss? Emerson Taylor has a gift and a curse all at once. She is able to read the mind of a person she kisses. 

Unfortunately, Emerson isn't the greatest student. If she keeps failing her classes then her aunt, Arch, is going to make her switch schools. Once Emerson realizes she can gain all the information she wants from kissing guys, she does just that. 

Emerson kisses the Ivy nerds so she can learn the information for her tests. She knows it is wrong, but Emerson really hates disappointing Arch. If kissing boys will help improve her grades, then Emerson will kiss Ivy nerds. 

Though Emerson's plan is well thought out, she starts to fall in love with Edwin. The weird thing about Edwin is when they kiss, Emerson can't read his mind. Now she has a HUGE  problem; should she keep kissing the Ivy nerds or stop because of Edwin. Even bigger problem; should she stay away from Edwin for the risk of kissing him and not being able to gain information?

What would you do if you had this special talent? Would you stay with Edwin cause you love him even if you can't read his mind? Or would you continue to kiss Ivy nerds for the information and live in fear that Edwin might find out? The choice is all up to Emerson, but what should she do?
Read Kiss and Make Up to find out.  

I really enjoyed this book. The way the details were written made the book more interesting to read. 

Kiss and Make Up talk about an ethical problem; the idea of cheating. Emerson has the choice to kiss the Ivy nerds and get the information by cheat, or she can study and learn the material by herself. Though cheating may seem like an easier way out, it is absolutely wrong and NEVER the right answer.

I hope you enjoy reading Kiss and Make Up as much as I did.

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan

Sadie and Carter Kane, two young magicians, are needed once  again to restore Ma'at (order) to the world. Apophis, the Chaos snake is loose and attempting to destroy the world. It is up to Sadie and Carter to stop Apophis. Can they do it?  Of course, along the way these two magicians run into some trouble.

The two magicians need the spell from the Book of Thoth so they can destroy Apophis's shadow. Sadly, all of the books have been destroy... except for one. Setne, a ghost magician who wrote the Book of Thoth knows where the final copy is. Unfortunately, Setne, an evil demon, whose heart is about to be weighed will most likely be destroyed taking the secret location with him. Sadie and Carter along with the help of their friends, Zia and Walt, have to convince Osiris (Sadie and Carter's father), who controls Setne's trial, to let them take Setne, and retrieve the final copy of the Book of Thoth. Osiris is reluctant at first because Setne is a very dangerous ghost but once he hears his children's plans he understands what he must to do.  

Carter and Zia go with Setne to get the Book of Thoth. Of course Setne is not going to be an easy ghost to deal with. After all he is EVIL. With plenty of trouble and near death experiences, Zia and Carter FINALLY  get the book. Sadie and Walt try to rescue the shadow of Bes, the dwarf god, to bring him back to life, all while keeping themselves alive during a hunting game with the god Neith.
Are Walt and Sadie able to save Bes' shadow and bring him back to life? 

Setne takes Carter and Zia to Apophis' shadow which they plan on capturing in order to destroy Apophis. Setne makes the process very difficult. Luckily, Sadie drops in at the right time and Carter and Sadie are able to capture the shadow. 

Now for the hardest part, defeating the GIGANTIC snake. Carter, Sadie and Zia along with many of the gods and few magicians attempt to kill Apophis. But are they successful? 

Not only does Sadie run into magical trouble, but boy trouble as well. She is torn between Anubis, the God of Death, and Walt. Unfortunately, Sadie's problem gets worse. She is forbidden to to see Anubis, and well, Walt is dying. Sadie needs both Anubis's and Walt's help to defeat Apophis. Which boy does Sadie end up with?

Read The Serpent's Shadow to find out. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves magic, action and a little bit of romance. It is a thrilling book worth reading. I absolutely love reading  Rick Riordan books and this is just another amazing one. 

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Secret Book of Me by Rachel Kemptster and Meg Leder

Have you ever really stopped to think about how you really feel on the inside? How about what really makes you special? If you haven't, well now is the time to do so. The Secret Book of Me allows you to look deep down on the inside and draw, or write what you feel. This is a great book for any child from the ages of 6-12. Feel free to share your answers with a friend or keep them totally a secret just for you. This book is a fantastic way to discover who you really are.

Even though I am 14, I enjoyed sitting in my bed at night before I went to sleep filling in and drawing pictures about me.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Time Travelers by Caroline B. Cooney

Annie Lockwood, a fifteen-year- old girl is stuck in a romance problem. She is having problems with her boyfriend, in 1995. After falling 100 years back through time, Annie finds herself falling for Strat, a handsome young man. Now Annie has a problem. Should she forget about Strat and stay with her boyfriend who she is having problems with in 1995 or remain in 1885 with Strat whom she has just met but fallen helplessly in love with?

Of course, disappearing 100 years into the past can cause a lot of problems. Not only, does this affect Annie's relationship in her own time, but she manages to ruin a marriage in 1895 as well.

Annie learns how hard living in 1895 is. Even so, she wants to stay there and be with Strat. She realizes love can't stop her, but time can. Will time let Annie stay in 1895?

Read The Time Travelers to find out which path Annie Lockwood chooses.

I would recommend this book to a 13 year old girl and older who like romantic love stories. The book had great details and was very well written. I enjoyed reading this book.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Predicteds by Christine Seifert

PROFILE results have the entire QH school in a tizzy. Everyone is obsessed with finding out which of their classmates are predicted.

Daphne has just switched to QH school after her move. Everyone at school is talking about the program PROFILE. PROFILE predicts a student's future behavior.

After a shooting that took place at QH, Daphne has met a boy named Jesse (they are now boyfriend and girlfriend).

Daphne soon learns her mom, Melanie was the one who invented the program PROFILE.
Not only that, but her boyfriend, Jesse is predicted.

Everyone is taking the "predicted situation" very seriously. A separation between predicted and non-predicted is driving Daphne crazy. She thinks it is wrong for the predicted to be treated badly just because they are likely to do bad things in the future.

Can Daphne change people's views on the Predicted kids? How is Jesse and Daphne's relationship affected because Jesse is predicted? Read The Predicted to find out.

I thought this was a great book. I enjoyed the story line. It was cool how PROFILE could predict peoples' future.
I recommend this book to girls 14 or older because the novel does have high school kids drinking. Also because some of the way the students act towards each other is not great for younger kids to read about.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Witch and Wizard- The Gift by James Patterson and Ned Rust

Whit and Wisty Allgood have a gift, they each can do magic. Wisty has the power of fire and Whit can foresee the future.

The One, the head of the New Order, has taken over the government. He has banned music, books, art and anything that makes people happy. The One has taken Whit and Wisty's parents as well as Whit's girlfriend Celia.

Whit, Wisty as well as some of their friends are part of the Resistance- a group of children who are trying to overthrow the N.O.

Whit and Wisty use there magic and try to stop The One. Along the way the two siblings get themselves into a lot of trouble.

Can Whit and Wisty stop The One? Do they rescue Celia and their parents? Can they overthrow the N.O? Read Witch and Wizard- The Gift to find out.

I loved this book. It was very detailed and thrilling. I enjoyed that there was magic involved.
I recommend this book to children in 8th grade and older who like thrillers, slightly scary, a great story. I don't recommend anyone younger than 8th grade should read this book because it is very graphic and some of the problems the children go through are slightly disturbing. Aside being a thriller and a little disturbing for younger children it was a great book.

Well I must go read some more,

Slightly Above Time by Mark Forti, Dana Forti and Camille Miller

Alexa lives in Kendlenook, a village with her two sisters, Eva and Daria, along with the rest of the other fairies and creatures. The only creature that has encountered and believes in humans is the Dryard Ispirianza. Just like Ispirianza, Alexa met a human girl,Elsie. The village of Kendlenook has been worried about The Scarring, a power which destroys nature created by humans, for a very long time. They never thought it would come so soon.

The Scarring has finally reached Kendlenook. It is up to Alexa, the chosen fairy to stop the Scarring. It is a dangerous and difficult journey she must accomplish.

Alexa must go to Evernaught, and steal candledark, capture her shadowfairy, convince it to giver her silk and make her way to the human realm.

Alexa meets Mara, a firefairy. Mara helps Alexa to complete her mission of stealing the candledark and capturing her shadowfairy. The two fairies go through a lot of trouble. They must fight of Oths, evil fairies who believe lies are the right way of life. They also have to capture Alexa's shadowfairy.

Can Alexa and Mara steal the candledark, capture the shadowfairy and make it to the human realm in time? Will Alexa be able to stop the Scarring? Read Slightly Above Time to find out.

I recommend this book to girls in 4th grade who enjoys fantasy and fairies.
I enjoyed this book, however, it was a little young for me. The book had great details, very descriptive and the drawings were so realistic and cool.

Well I have to go read some more,