Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kiss and Make Up by Katie D. Anderson

Wouldn't be cool to be able to read someone's mind just by kissing them? Who wouldn't want to gain all the information they need for a test just from one simple kiss? Emerson Taylor has a gift and a curse all at once. She is able to read the mind of a person she kisses. 

Unfortunately, Emerson isn't the greatest student. If she keeps failing her classes then her aunt, Arch, is going to make her switch schools. Once Emerson realizes she can gain all the information she wants from kissing guys, she does just that. 

Emerson kisses the Ivy nerds so she can learn the information for her tests. She knows it is wrong, but Emerson really hates disappointing Arch. If kissing boys will help improve her grades, then Emerson will kiss Ivy nerds. 

Though Emerson's plan is well thought out, she starts to fall in love with Edwin. The weird thing about Edwin is when they kiss, Emerson can't read his mind. Now she has a HUGE  problem; should she keep kissing the Ivy nerds or stop because of Edwin. Even bigger problem; should she stay away from Edwin for the risk of kissing him and not being able to gain information?

What would you do if you had this special talent? Would you stay with Edwin cause you love him even if you can't read his mind? Or would you continue to kiss Ivy nerds for the information and live in fear that Edwin might find out? The choice is all up to Emerson, but what should she do?
Read Kiss and Make Up to find out.  

I really enjoyed this book. The way the details were written made the book more interesting to read. 

Kiss and Make Up talk about an ethical problem; the idea of cheating. Emerson has the choice to kiss the Ivy nerds and get the information by cheat, or she can study and learn the material by herself. Though cheating may seem like an easier way out, it is absolutely wrong and NEVER the right answer.

I hope you enjoy reading Kiss and Make Up as much as I did.

I have to go read another book,


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