Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nothing but the Truth by Avi

Ever thought about how a lie could affect your life? How it might change someone else's life? Phillip Malloy learns about lying the hard way. When his English teacher, Mrs. Narwin gives him a bad grade, Phillip makes Mrs. Narwin's life very difficult. He disrespectfully sings the National Anthem, when the students have to be silent, causing him to be suspended from school. 

Phillip's suspension becomes a nationwide issue. Many people are very angry that Phillip gets into trouble for being patriotic. They write letters to Mrs. Narwin as well as to the school. After feeling the pressure of  receiving so many letters, Mrs. Narwin decides to resign. 

Phillip's intention is simply to annoy his teacher, however his behavior results in ruining Mrs. Narwin's reputation as well as his own. 

What happens to Phillip after his suspension? Read Nothing but the Truth to find out.

Nothing but the Truth  teaches us that lying can be very destructive.  Even though Phillip found himself in a difficult situation-his teacher that was failing him- Phillip could have dealt with the situation in a different manor.

This was not one of my favorite books. In my opinion, it begins with a great idea. However, as the story progresses it becomes somewhat confusing  because there is not enough detail to explain the story. For this reason I do not feel that the  plot is fully developed and left me feeling unsatisfied. 

Despite my feelings about this novel, I am sure that there are many children in middle school who would find it to be an easy read with an important lesson. Although I read this book as a mandatory ninth grade assignment, in my opinion it is better suited for slightly younger readers. 

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