Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hacking Harvard by Robin Wasserman

Would you have the guts to hack into Harvard just to mess with the admissions process? Max, Eric and Schwarz did just that. 

Max is fed up and tired with the fact that his father, Maxwell Sr., wants him to go to Harvard. Max just doesn't want to. He comes up with a plan to hack Harvard. Max, with the help of his friends, Eric and Schwarz, are going to get a deadbeat nobody into Harvard. 

To make the stakes higher, the three boys make a bet with the Bums. A stake that raises the bar of getting Clay, the deadbeat nobody, into Harvard a lot harder. 

Along the way, Eric meets Lex. She to is applying to Harvard. This makes Eric have second thoughts about the hack. If Clay gets in to Harvard, does that mean Lex won't? Eric put that thought aside and continued to help Max with the hack. 

Turns out Lex has a secret too. She has been playing Eric the whole time. She is also involved with the hack. But in a different way. At first she is on the side of the Bums, helping the win the bet. Later, she switches sides and plays against the Bums. Why is Lex helping the Bums? Can they get her into Harvard?

But does Lex make the right choice in fighting the Bums and not helping them?

Does the hack work? 
Who ultimately wins the bet?
Do Lex and/or Clay get into Harvard?

Read Hacking Harvard to find out. 

I really enjoyed reading Hacking Harvard.  It was so tempting to keep reading to find out how the hack worked, what happened to Lex once she switched sides and who ended up getting into Harvard. The detail were so descriptive and made the book worth reading. I recommend this book to 7th grade and older. 

Well I have to go and hack Harvard... just kidding!

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