Sunday, March 31, 2013

Freaks Like Us by Susan Vaught

Jason have been best friends Sunshine and Drip since they were six. They consider themselves part of the alphabet- Drip has ADHD, Sunshine is SM (selectively mute)  and Jason is SCZI- schizophrenic.

Jason and his friends have always had trouble in school whether it was with the teachers or kids because of "their alphabet." 

When Sunshine disappears one day after school the whole town goes into a frenzy. Everyone starts to search for her. Close friends and family, or anyone who had seen her that day, are questioned.

Jason is sure it isn't his fault Sunshine is missing. Him and Sunshine are such close friends, he would never hurt her. Unfortunately, the voices in his head try to convince him otherwise. They would torment Jason and blame him for everything. Jason just couldn't take it any longer, he knows he didn't do it though. 

Jason and Drip joined the search parties despite the fact their parents aren't thrilled with them going. The two boys decide to go to their secret hiding spot, maybe Sunshine was there and just hiding from everyone. To the boys disappointment, Sunshine isn't there. They go back to the house to continue to wait. Maybe Sunshine would show up.

As the search continues, Jason's meds start to wear off. He refuses to take more, taking more would make him sleep and Jason needed to stay awake to find Sunshine. However, without his meds in him, Jason was looking more and more guilty of being the reason Sunshine was gone. 

Was it really Jason's fault Sunshine had disappeared?  If it wasn't Jason's fault like he said, then whose fault was it? Would they ever find Sunshine? Read Freaks Like Us to find out.

I loved this book. It was well written and had great details. I couldn't put the book down, the suspense of what was happening was so intriguing. 

Though the book said it is appropriate for 7th grade and up, I think it is better suited for 8th grade and up because of the reasons that Sunshine disappears and how everyone deals with the disappearance.

Well I am going to go help search for Sunshine, 

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