Friday, July 23, 2010

Little Blog on the Praire by Cathleen Davitt Bell

Genevieve Welsh was a normal teenage girl waiting to spend her summer with her friends swimming and hanging out. Her mom decided that the family was going to a camp that reenacted the life in the 1890's. Of course Gen didn't want to go. Gen's parents promised that if she went and didn't complain she could get a cell phone. Her mom left her cell phone on the table and Gen took it.
At the camp Gen was trying to make EVERYONE miserable. She learned how to milk a cow, do laundry, wash dishes and games that kids played. After each incident with Nora (the daughter of the owners of the camp) Gen would text her friends. One day Gen was walking in the woods and she came across some kind of shack. She walked into the shack and guess who Gen sees.......Nora! Nora was listening to Gen's iPod and drinking soda. Obviously Gen was not supposed to see that. Nora was mad, however she let Gen charge her dying phone.
After a while one of the kids, Caleb, who Nora and Gen both liked, showed Gen that ALL of her texts had been turned into a blog.
What was Gen supposed to do now, she had told her friends about everyone and everything? Are she and her family going to be kicked out of camp? Who ends up going out with Caleb? What happens to the blog? What about Nora?
I really liked this book because I was able to visualize what was happening to Gen. You can learn more about this book and the author by visiting her website at
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