Saturday, January 7, 2012

Slightly Above Time by Mark Forti, Dana Forti and Camille Miller

Alexa lives in Kendlenook, a village with her two sisters, Eva and Daria, along with the rest of the other fairies and creatures. The only creature that has encountered and believes in humans is the Dryard Ispirianza. Just like Ispirianza, Alexa met a human girl,Elsie. The village of Kendlenook has been worried about The Scarring, a power which destroys nature created by humans, for a very long time. They never thought it would come so soon.

The Scarring has finally reached Kendlenook. It is up to Alexa, the chosen fairy to stop the Scarring. It is a dangerous and difficult journey she must accomplish.

Alexa must go to Evernaught, and steal candledark, capture her shadowfairy, convince it to giver her silk and make her way to the human realm.

Alexa meets Mara, a firefairy. Mara helps Alexa to complete her mission of stealing the candledark and capturing her shadowfairy. The two fairies go through a lot of trouble. They must fight of Oths, evil fairies who believe lies are the right way of life. They also have to capture Alexa's shadowfairy.

Can Alexa and Mara steal the candledark, capture the shadowfairy and make it to the human realm in time? Will Alexa be able to stop the Scarring? Read Slightly Above Time to find out.

I recommend this book to girls in 4th grade who enjoys fantasy and fairies.
I enjoyed this book, however, it was a little young for me. The book had great details, very descriptive and the drawings were so realistic and cool.

Well I have to go read some more,

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