Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cool Clips

I enjoy reading very much. I just hate needing to fold down the corners to mark my page that I am on. It just makes the book look so old and ruined. At BEA this year I came across a booth- Trends International where I saw they were displaying bookmarks. I was looking at all sorts of different kinds. One really caught my eye. It was a Tinker Bell Cool Clip. It makes reading very fun, now being able to mark my page and see a very colorful, cute and fun character holding my place.

I would recommend these bookmarks to any age because there is a character for all ages to enjoy.

I must go read all the new books at BEA


  1. Hey there Mollie!

    We met at BEA, love the blog =)


  2. Thanks so much,
    I just looked at your blog and loved it :)