Thursday, June 9, 2011

Haunting Violet by Alyxndra Harvey

Violet is a sixteen year old girl. Colin, an orphan Violet's mom has taken into her care, helps Violet have sittings and talk to the spirits of people who have passed. Violet, her mom and Colin have been invited to Rosefield for a sitting. Violet soon discovers she can communicate with passed spirits.

Violet has encountered one spirit, Renowean, Tabitha's sister. Tabitha is a girl who Violet meets during her stay in Rosefield. Renowean needs Violet to help her let others know that murder. You see, everyone thinks Renowean drowned by mistake and it was an accident. Everyone soon learns it wasn't an accident. It is up to Violet to tell the world the truth of what really happened the night Renowean was murdered.

Violet is at the age where she is soon going to marry. Her mother wants her to marry a rich and well known man. That lucky man is Xavier Trenswithy, a rich, good looking man who a trader. Violet falls for him, but is not sure if she wants to marry him. She has also fallen for Colin, the poor orphan also good looking boy who works for Violet's mother.

Can Violet solve the murder before anything happens to Tabitha? Who was the murderer? Who does Violet end up marrying?

Read Haunting Violet to find out.

I enjoyed this thrilling, creepy murder mystery book. I did scare me a bit I still could not put it down. It was well written, had great details and a surprise ending that you are not going to want to miss. I do think this book was written for ages 14 and up because of some language.

The plot and the well written details may be to old for some children. However, if you enjoy thrilling murder mystery books you will definitely enjoy this book.

Well, I have to go and read some more thrilling and great books,


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