Saturday, September 24, 2011

Guinness World Records 2012

Wanna know a great way to start the new year? You should definitely read the Guinness World Records 2012!

This year's edition has all new, exciting and interesting records about people, animals, talents, sports and so much more.

It is very cool to read about different attempts people have made to set new world records, and about those who have succeeded in breaking them.

Some of the records you read in this book are unbelievable and crazy. Reading this book is a great way learn random and interesting fact.
(see page 142 for the largest pizza, page 85 for the heaviest living person and page 78-79 for the most tattooed man)

I enjoyed reading Guinness World Records 2012 a lot. I think anyone who is fascinated with facts, pictures, and CRAZY and UNBELIEVABLE records will love reading this book.

well I have to go read some more,

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